Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lost and Found

At some point in time or another everyone will misplace or lose something. Sometimes it's something as small and insignificant as the remote to the TV, or maybe your car keys, but it's when something of much bigger importance in your life goes missing, lost or even stolen. For those of you who have been following my Blog and Facebook profile you'll know yesterday was that day for me. What was missing in my world... Mickey, my closest friends dog who I've been caring for as he's been out in Ontario working. I came home from my daily routine and was miffed by the absence of that smiling face who would normally greet me at the back door on the deck. A quick look around and I realized he's escaped from a narrow opening in a broken gate. A call to our local Animal Services dept and a check on their website and I found who very much looked like my K-9 friend. A quick trip down to the shelter and a few questions from the lady clerk revealed that although the dog posted had an uncanny resemblance to Mickey he was indeed not the one I seek. As I wonder out of the shelter and to my car my phone rings... it's another officer on the line... and he had our dog!!! A few hours later he's back in my care and happy to be home.

Today's photo is a tribute to everyone out there who's lost someone, or something. It's not always that what's missing is found or returned, but I truly am thankful for the return of Mickey. So without further ado... I present our good ol' boy, Mickey.

Here's to you little buddy.

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