Sunday, July 4, 2010

Full Speed Ahead

Today was the second event of seven in the Calgary Sports Car Club's Solosprint series for 2010. Today's timing format was a time-attack event of 15 mins per session to put down your fastest lap time... my result was a 1:33.4. Is it fast... hard to compare without having other similar cars to stack up to, but I did remain middle of the pack and still managed to squeak out some better times than some of the Porches and Corvettes so I'm happy.

The last few day's I've been toying with relatively easy 'subjects' for my shots, but trying to pan track-side to get a good shot of a 500+hp car doing in excess of 200 kms/hr isn't easy... but I did manage to get one of fellow Subaru enthusiast and friend Matt G.



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