Monday, August 9, 2010

Have you heard?

B, ba, ba, Bird, bird, bird, bird is the word... lol.

They just seem to be so plentiful and easy to shoot. This guy was cruising the beach Sunday as the kids swam in the lake one last time before heading home...



I've seen pictures of whole landscaped and various other scenery and the like reflected in a picture on water and always loved how 'mirror-like' they can be. Saturday morning was a sunny warm and still morning... perfect to take advantage of.

A family of ducks were a perfect subject, so... I went duck hunting.... plenty of shots, but this is the one that 'hit' for me.


The Setting Sun

This week passed like a blur and I've missed a couple of days, and updates. As I rushed up to the lake to visit my family and rescue them from my kids demanding feeding frenzies and random UFC encounters with each other, I had to stop and take time to shoot the falling sun as it sat off the horizon behind the smoke that covering a huge part of the western world...

I sat there for 15 mins taking shots as the sun set, and finally had to convince my self it was time to go... it really was as peaceful as this pic looks.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mining and Farming

Likely the two biggest industries in central Alberta for a number of years, this shot captures the ruins of an old abandoned mine in the foreground while in the far off distance the seeming lifeless shapes of an old farm and silos can been seen. Again... another shot I took that for some reason or another just makes me smile. :)



I might be cheating a bit here by posting two shots from the same/photo experience, but I had to throw this one in because the first time I visited the Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology I wasn't able to capture some of the true fierceness of some of these massive beasts that roamed the earth some millions of years ago. Thanks to this challenge and a LOT of experimenting I am happy that low (or no) light shots are getting easier to make!


Hoo Doo you think you are?

The day following our trip to Calaway Pk we ventured out to the land of a million years ago... the one mysterious place in Alberta where Dinosaurs still seem to roam the earth... Drumheller.

As a child I remember visiting the museum, and suspension bridge, but the one thing that was always a hit was the Hoo Doos. Naturally formed by years of rain and erosion it's a must see for anyone visiting the Badlands region. Apparently this will be the last year that the park will allow up close and personal visits of the Hoo Doos as the traffic is causing the breakdown to happen much, much faster and it would be nice for one of these to be around for our kids children to see possibly one day.


It's all about the motion

With my sister and her family visiting from Edmonton we took the kids to Calaway Pk. One of the most exciting rides there is has to be the roller coaster, as I'm sure it is at most 'ride' parks. After several rides, and re-rides (not that the kids were complaining about going again, and again) and about 50 shots... I finally got one that captured the excitement and joy in my son's face. It's tough to tell how fast they are going, but his look and hair say it all. lol.


Bright and Beautiful

I'm not really a 'flower' guy as my thumb isn't as 'green' as it should be to grow anything more than weeds.... But I can say of the few shots I've taken of flowers and such... I absolutely love the way they turn out almost every time. This shot was taken in a park and the colors just pop...


Burning Rubber!

As another track day had come and gone, I started wondering how long my tires were going to hold out... The heat created from lapping and pushing our tires to limit in a racing environment is pretty awesome. It'll raise the tire pressure as much as 10 PSI, and eat away what's left for tread pretty quickly. Here's a shot to show just how hot some tires will get... every little pebble and stone will stick to the tire once it's hot. This is a shot of a friends Nissan 350Z.


It's Jazz time!

Every now and again it's nice to take a break from the everyday and do something outside the box. It was a close friend who I been chasing at Auto-X and other racing events that let me know about his Jazz Trio playing downtown this particular afternoon so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get out and enjoy some classical jazz music in the Calgary sun!


Back on Track

It's been over a week since my last update as I've been busy with some home projects, family visits and other commitments.

So for my 21st entry I've gone back to the old track that runs behind our community to get this blog... back on track.