Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Peace and Serenity Now...

Well truth be told, it's been a loong time since I've had the chance to update this, and I'm accepting the fact that life has been too crazy to try to take, edit, and or post photos on a daily basis... so I'm going to update this when I can... when I can. ;)

If you're still reading, thanks for following my updates and photos... and for you, here are a few taken when I was on holiday this summer at the family retreat. Enjoy!

Corbin has found a huge dragonfly... unfortunately, he's not sleeping...

Self shot of myself hanging with the rest of the kids down on our beach in front of the boat.

A view off the end of the dock... peace and serenity don't begin to explain it.

A quick test shot at night, and you can see how many stars are REALLY out there!

And finally... what the test shot was for... experimenting with night shots. This is a 10 min exposure of the Big Dipper from the veranda at the lake house!

Monday, May 2, 2011

A little flare, and a lot of life!

Last update for tonight is my attempt at taking a rather simple picture and adding life to it. If it's not obvious, I have a passion for a lot of things in my life. My kids, and racing (and/or cars) are a couple that top the list...

Being an avid racer, when Gran Turismo 5 came out (finally) in November last year, I had to get the collectors edition. After all, I have one of the seats from one of our WRX's strapped to a driving cockpit I made, so naturally I needed the best racing simulator to go with it... :) In the collectors set, came a model of the Nissan GTR Spec-V in flat black with the GT5 livery. Several shots and some playing around with post editing and you'd swear this car is alive;you can almost hear all 480 horses roaring.



There is something to say about friends. We all have them, yet there are always a small few of them that really are friends. This shot is one of Lucas and his neighbor friend Tristan. Both are active young boys who will surely be the center of attention anywhere they go. I managed to get this quick shot of them when they stopped just long enough for a drink of water. I added a bit of a vintage filter to this picture to make it look like these two are old time friends... entry 43 is for friends.


Like father like son...

Anyone who knew me growing up knew that I was a fearless kid who loved his time out with friends skateboarding, and going fast. Unfortunately we didn't have the luxury of fancy skateboard parks and areas designed FOR skateboarding. It warms my heart to see my son have access to a place where it's safe and a lot of fun to ride. This picture shows Lucas ripping over a small bump in one of the smaller bowls at Millennium Skate Park on his 'old man's' skateboard... and yes, I do still ride and that really is my board... lol.

A shower in the closet?

This post is somewhat to show what I've been working on, and also one to remind me of the week I spent working and 'hanging' out with my dad. I've seen so much and done so much but nothing compares to the time spent working and learning with a parent. I grew up in this home since the age of 4 and have seen many changes to it. Entry #41 is walk-in closet... turned shower.


Sleeping Ghost

One night after countless hours of running up and down stairs, and getting up and down setting tiles, I found my self staring out the front window of the house... The night seemed almost perfect, and the glow from the street lights added some interesting lighting to this picture. Entry #40 is one of Casper... my car as it sleeps out front of the house.


Everyone is welcome!

I'm behind almost a week with updates as I've been working with my father to reno the bathrooms in his house... I've finally gone through the pictures I've taken in the last week and here are the best of the best...

Entry 39 is a shot of the Welcome ornament/sign my parents have at the house. One step in this house and anyone whose ever been there would know... you are always... WELCOME!