Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Peace and Serenity Now...

Well truth be told, it's been a loong time since I've had the chance to update this, and I'm accepting the fact that life has been too crazy to try to take, edit, and or post photos on a daily basis... so I'm going to update this when I can... when I can. ;)

If you're still reading, thanks for following my updates and photos... and for you, here are a few taken when I was on holiday this summer at the family retreat. Enjoy!

Corbin has found a huge dragonfly... unfortunately, he's not sleeping...

Self shot of myself hanging with the rest of the kids down on our beach in front of the boat.

A view off the end of the dock... peace and serenity don't begin to explain it.

A quick test shot at night, and you can see how many stars are REALLY out there!

And finally... what the test shot was for... experimenting with night shots. This is a 10 min exposure of the Big Dipper from the veranda at the lake house!