Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hoo Doo you think you are?

The day following our trip to Calaway Pk we ventured out to the land of a million years ago... the one mysterious place in Alberta where Dinosaurs still seem to roam the earth... Drumheller.

As a child I remember visiting the museum, and suspension bridge, but the one thing that was always a hit was the Hoo Doos. Naturally formed by years of rain and erosion it's a must see for anyone visiting the Badlands region. Apparently this will be the last year that the park will allow up close and personal visits of the Hoo Doos as the traffic is causing the breakdown to happen much, much faster and it would be nice for one of these to be around for our kids children to see possibly one day.


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  1. Ahh back were close to my old stomping grounds. Great shot!